Interview with the cast of Dramatown

Ahead of the premiere of Dramatown episode seven, I chatted to Trevor O’Neill and Alan Byrne all about the hit web series to date and what people could expect from the highly anticipated new instalment.

Photo 01-02-2014 13 45 53Dramatown, created and directed by Trevor, has gone from strength to strength from its humble beginnings to the hit Irish web series it is now. The series follows a group of three Irish lads who can’t help but find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. For me the show’s tagline “They’re just three lads trying to make their way in the world. There’s just one problem; life doesn’t like them too much” sums the concept of the show up perfectly.

One of the things that I feel has made the show so popular is the fact that all three main characters, Jimmy (Trevor O’Neill), Robbie (Alan Byrne) and Deco (Davy O’Neill) are so relatable. If you do not see some of yourself in one of the characters they will at least resemble someone in your life meaning you quickly become invested in the gang’s schemes and antics.

With the premiere of the new episode just around the corner when I interviewed Trevor and Alan, I set out to find out how the show has grown to the hit is now and to learn what viewers could expect from the latest instalment.


Show notes:  

For more information on Dramatown and to stay up to date on the show visit the links below.

Dramatown Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Channel

Episode Seven of Dramatown







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Editors Note: This interview was recorded in February for Griff FM. The show was presented by David Corscadden, produced by Giorgiana Urdea, Sound by Yuen Man Lo and research by Shane Corbett and Jacquie Ryan.


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